BuzzBee Rc Insane banner 2

360 flips

30mm x 30mm

5-8 min Flight Time

BuzzBee Nano Drone, The World's Smallest Quadcopter

BuzzBee's 6-gyro axis and headless mode setting means even first time pilots can enjoy making BuzzBee do cool 360 degree flips and tricks. Purchase Now
SmartBee RC Insane banner 1

Smartphone controlled

Connect via wifi

Video and photography

SmartBee Wifi Nano Quadcopter

SmartBee is the next generation of nano drone technology. SmartBee has a huge range of built-in features usually only found on larger drones. Pre Order
easy bee smart drone

Height hold feature

360 flips and tricks

One touch take off and landing

EasyBee Height Hold Drone

The easiest drone to fly, built in easy features, including one touch take off and landing and hover mode. Coming Soon